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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  October 13, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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of 67 degrees. we sure got used to the 80's for past week but things are changing. they will change over weekend and change again. we will talk about that in the seven day forecast, coming up, happy friday the 13th, bob kelly. >> right back at you sueby. four almost o'clock straight up on a friday. crews are still working on the tunnels under 30th street station, shut down of the westbound schuylkill expressway leaving south philadelphia. anybody heading home last night from the katie perry concert when they are forced off at 30th street. that is the deal until 5:00. you are forced off, go through a couple traffic lights and then right back on. throw a few extra minutes in your trip at this point in time. schuylkill expressway in the king of prussia area hot bed of construction all part of the paving. this is a live look at valley forge toll plaza, in king of prussia heading east in toward 202, only that within lane traffic pattern, light volume at least at the moment and those guys are pretty good at being out of there by five or
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5:30. fire location in the neighborhood local detours on cambria and park avenue, 95, they are working down in delaware county, stretch between blue route and commodore barry bridge and both market frankford and broad street subway using shuttle buses until five, karen and thomas, back to you. eagles will escape with the win. >> how about the eagles, they are going to go to five-one and they have already thrown it down the field if you want to be aggressive. >> they were aggressive. how about that, the best news our team won it is a friday, we're so excited so lets get tout jenny joyce with what people are saying in south philadelphia. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen. there are a few people at oregon diner we talk to them. we will hear from them at 4:30 bottom line five-one. people here are excited. time to get excited. you know who else is excited president carson wentz is
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excited. lets look his tweet, he put this out two hours ago, five- one, smiling face with the sunglasses, i love this team. let's keep this thing rolling, #fly eagles fly. it was not an easy game, carolina has a strong defense and carson wentz said in post game interviews that the panthers executed some plays they weren't expecting. it was a challenging thursday night game on a short week for the bird, fans exited to see such a big win on a thursday night, and wentz had a big game for 260-yard and three touchdowns. the quarterback says this team is really, growing together. >> it feels good, honestly it feels good. it says a lot about the guys in this locker room. we stayed together the whole game they did good things defensively, different pressure looks we had not seen , stuff on the short week but we found a way to win a close ballgame. we struggled winning on the road and winning close
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ballgames. we have done that successfully this year. >> reporter: eagles have a short week this week but now they get a extended break in the calling it a vacation. the team will be back in philadelphia, practicing, getting held i for monday night football on october 23rd against the washington redskins, and coming up at 4:30 hear from some of those fans who got to celebrate the win here at oregon diner. karen. >> they are the real deal, jenny joyce. classes at several schools in our area are cancelled again to be remediated for mold. many parents have questions about the possible health wrist tax their children. our steve keeley joining us from the philadelphia school district building in spring garden this morning, steve. >> reporter: remember how angry those parents in south jersey were when that school, ended up staying closed. well, now add philadelphia public school parents over at jb kelly school. just as angry and now, aimed at this place, the philadelphia school district headquarters, and the people in charge of the district, and
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however told district staffer who wrote wednesday's press release on the jb kelly mold situation, and likely among the crowd of local sportswriters and espn staff hours predicted carolina to beat eagles. we reported they said they expected all of the mold cleaned up by wednesday night and that obviously turns out that the statement like the carolina win predictions, very wrong. the district announced in a news release number two yesterday afternoon that jb kelly would stay shut and the clean up crew stayed working at least through weekend now at the very least. >> if this proper ventilation and people are taken away from areas where is there high concentrations people are not affected and, again, i think there is truth here but there is also a lot of hype and once one place find is it everyone will start looking for it, and so, it is not that there should be zero concern but i think everyone should realize
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that most people are still not a expected. >> reporter: so over at jb kelly, 41 classrooms, hundreds of kid with a four day weekend and maybe even more, karen and thomas, the next announcement on that situation comes sunday night, and when there is a meeting with parents over there you can bet that will be just as raucous as meeting earlier this week in gloucester county when that place you could not find a seat in the huge auditorium. parents are starting to get worried with reason. >> very good reason, thanks very much. lets get to other cases. mold a problem for penn state now, library at berks campus also off limit because they suspect they have got contamination issues there they are waiting for test results to figure out if they have mold in the building. until then libraries closed. also library at cheltenham high school was closed after mold was found in the books and in the air, district currently renovating the library and replacing its air system. that is expect to stay closed
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until the spring and then in, south jersey monroe township school district license holding a big meet to go update the whole community about their mold problems, officials closed all of the public schools this week to get the air quality tested, they did find mold at the elementary school, holy glenn, that will be closed for a month, while they get that mold immediated or out of there meeting will be at williams ton high school at 7:00 tonight. it is deadliest wild fires in california's history, two more people confirmed dead in sonoma county last night bringing the death toll to 31 this morning. crews are making progress in finding the wild fires but they are far from contained. our adam housely in napa county this morning. >> reporter: from the sky and the ground views of utter destruction on day four of the fires in california's wine country. >> never in my life, there has been fires that just blow through but we're just on edge right now. it is absolutely awful. >> reporter: while they are
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making slow progress fire officials warn it is far from over. >> we are in this fight for the long hall, it is going to continue to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: as resources power from around the state and country crews are coming for next round of the fire fight, national weather service warns that humidity is still low and winds will pick up again over the weekend. news that worries those living in evacuation center like karen engels. >> i'm praying a lot, a lot. asking for prayers from my family and friends. so, you know, so that we still have something to go back too. >> the garage door. >> reporter: hundreds of people are still listed as missing but law enforcement says that number could be inflated due to duplicates and communication issues. >> cell service still having problems. people have been evacuated from multiple areas and they are not connecting with their families. >> reporter: for those not found alive law enforcement has begun painstaking task of identifying remains. >> identification is going to be hard. so far in the recoveries, we
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have found bodies that were almost completely intact and we have found bodies that were nothing more than ash and bones. >> this is front line of the at last fire in southern napa county, fire crews knocking down hot spots they have stopped it here. as they make headway we know forensic teams are on the site of the several homes and businesses looking for remains and at this hour still no official cause for any of these major fires. in napa county, california, adam housely, "fox news". >> such a disaster. philadelphia police right now increasing patrols on a really popular running trail there was a woman who said she was attacked wye teens on the schuylkill river trail, and she says that she was jogging tuesday when these teens on bikes surrounded her and started groping her and she says, nobody stopped to help her. also, in that park police have recovered a man's body riddled with gunshot wounds his body was pulled from the water around walnut street and schuylkill avenue yesterday. it floated down street. detectives are trying to
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figure out his identity, they think he is in his 50's. after two days of searching allentown police have arrested a man for murder lehigh county district attorney charged 25 year-old kristin diaz dejesus of the death of a 19 year-old man. carlos richie was found shot tuesday night at corner of tenth and chestnut street in allentown, he later died. authorities linked the suspect to the crime after looking at text messages between him, and the victim. huge break here after five years in captivity a york county woman and her family who were being held by the taliban were just released. lets look at caitlin coleman, well, her husband certainly seen in the hostage video seen last december after five years being held captive by the taliban, it is also known as the network, she and husband and three children she had in captivity we have been seeing pictures have been rescued. their freedom was secured during an operation by pakistani forces. u.s. government tipped them off. in the video she pleaded for
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then president obama to help her family. >> i would ask that my family and my government do everything that they can to bring my husband, child, and i to the safety and freedom. >> this was part of the diplomatic effort not a military rescue but u.s. did help secure their freedom, the family will go to canada where her husband is a citizen. college student one day living his life, hours later lying in the local hospital bed with part of his skull, gone. one phone call may have changed everything but it never came. a narberth couple just filed a lawsuit begins two drexel fraternities, they say their son, suffered a severe brain injury after he was punched in a fight two years ago. when he didn't come home they drove right to his fraternity house where they found their son unconscious and covered in blood. they knew he had to go to the hospital right away. >> the doctor walked into the room and just basically said we need to remove the left side of your son's skull, and
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do an emergency crane plasty so his brain could swell without the pressure and we need your permission to do that like right away. >> since that night iain has had four operations, his parents say while he improves with physical therapy, he will never be the same. they are hoping it will spread message to others to call 911 right away. it is 4:11. coming up on good day a crime spree connection. >> robbery after robbery happening in the same area, and now police are trying to determine if, in fact, there is ailing. and, he is not an eagle anymore but our jon dorenbos, he is a hometown favorite, we love him, do you remember his story, now he is sharing his first moments after his life saving surgery. lets check the road this morning, bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning. 4:11. live look at the schuylkill expressway, lights are on, cones are down, construction crew is still out there on the eastbound side. lets look live ben franklin
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parkway, looking good, on this friday, the 13th, do you want to get rid of those superstitions. sue has your forecast when we come right back. friday friday.
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thank you for being our viewers, we really appreciate you waking up with us on this spooky friday the 13th.
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>> put a spell on to you wake up and energy this friday morning, it is early, 4:14. great to have you on this friday the 13th, the superstitions. all right. here's the deal you will probably walk outside and say it is a little chilly this morning but strange things will happen this weekend, weather-wise, sue. >> it feels like fall. >> yes. >> just got used to those warm temperatures, got used to the humidity and new things are changing but we will have a throw back to the humidity by the weekend. we will sort it all out, quick look at hurricane ophelia because she has strengthened to the category two, still in the middle of the atlantic ocean where we wish all hurricanes would stay. this is aiming toward british aisles as it weakens and moves northward just a little update there. as far as radar is concerned it is less active then yesterday but we do see a little bit from the southern disturbance a little rain moving in the delaware beaches and cape may county. solve on that, according to the future cast will bubble up
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in our area throughout the day we have cloud cover all day long. we won't see too much sunshine if any at all, and then the rain, showers, get a little bit more numerous but they are very widespread or i should is a very scattered throughout early afternoon and evening. you may see a shower, you may not, you might want to have that umbrella with you just in case. overnight it stays cloudy, we will get drizzle and we will wake up to some fog tomorrow morning and you have to be alert to the chance of the stray shower, again just a stray shower through saturday but it looks like that chance may persist throughout the day , there may be a few peaks of sunshine but it stays un settled into early sunday morning and then we will see the cloud clear out sunday afternoon and that is when we will get up in the 80's but that doesn't last because you see what is waiting in the win gs sunday night into machine our cold front that will cool us back down again. do you got that straight? i know. fifty-eight in philadelphia. forty-four in mount pocono.
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63 degrees in wildwood. it is definitely cooler then it was, yesterday. the wind are active at 12 miles an hour winds and feeling cooler here in philadelphia 68 degrees is our normal high. we are finally close to normal yesterday with that high of 67 we will be right there again today. then we will warm up, briefly over the weekend, at lee it is over weekend, cooling back down on monday, and tuesday, and with highs back in the 70 's by wednesday and thursday of next week, and you know what you will hear on the radio, 101.1 more fm when you tune in? not only great music but your weather authority forecast, with bob kelly. >> sweet voice again. >> because we're sick of it here. >> 4:17. heat has been on the car for first time this morning you know that smell you get when the heatings on in your car for the very first time i had this this morning. warming up, seat warmer on, 57 , lets go for a ride, 422,
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they have construction working here at route 23, hot lights on for the construction crews out there. nobody out there until about five or 5:30. schuylkill expressway still closed on the westbound side as you work your way from south philadelphia into downtown until about 5:00 o'clock. that is gang in king of prussia they are still working on the schuylkill down to one lane between the turnpike, toll plaza and heading in toward philadelphia, the construction cones are down there freeze frame with the camera there. we have a new construction pattern coming our way. penndot says by tomorrow we should have everything moved around. so they are setting up new ramps at girard avenue. as you head north on i-95 from center city you will be able to drive on that newly constructed stretch of roadway it will be something new here, they have lights on right here , so here's i-95 northbound, in the dark where you see brake lights and there that is new stretch you will have a chance to use, they say
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sometime by tomorrow morning. we will keep our fingers crossed and honk the horn this weekend if you ride on that new stretch of i-95, karen and thomas. >> as a thank you. >> 4:19. house approves a $36.5 billion disaster relief bill and if approved by senate, money will help residents in texas, florida and puerto rico. vote came hours after president trump's tweet about federal help in puerto rico. he said we cannot keep feel, military and first responders who have been amazing under the most difficult circumstances in puerto rico forever. nancy pelosi was among the critics of the president's message. >> heart breaking and it lacks , knowledge, knowledge about what the role is of fema and others in time of natural disaster. >> puerto rico's governor said received assurances that the government is not rushing to pull fema from the island. president trump says the
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executive order he signed to dismantle obama carries only the beginning, the order directs labor department to increase health care competition and choice. the department's mandate encouraged small businesses and people to join together, to buy insurance through nationwide associations plans. >> this will cost the united states government virtually nothing and people will have great, great health care. when i say people, i mean by the millions and millions. >> white house sources mated this could takes six months or more to take effect a lot of experts this could draw younger healthier customers away from obama care sending premiums sky rocketing for everybody else's specially older and people with prior existing conditions. more questions are being raised this morning about the police response to the las vegas shooting. mandalay bay officials say latest police time line still not accurate. at issue whether the hotel was delayed in calling police
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after the first shots were fired, and reported by hotel security staff. resort management says hotel security guard was shot second goes before the rampage began, however, police are reporting the incident happened several minutes before stephen paddock opened fire on the crowd killing 58 people. resorts statement comes as attorneys suggest that more lawsuits could becoming from the victims. bucks county man missing since june is now safe in new york. a private investigators hired by family says 22-year old timothy caesar walked in the hospital disoriented yesterday , details on where he has been all these months are still not clear. people who know caesar last saw him near croyden 7-eleven on route 13. philadelphia police are trying to figure out if the string of robberies is connect , this started on september 24th, the latest was just wednesday, at a sunoco gas station, detectives say there is two people working together and they have hit seven places already. here's the thing they wear
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similar clothes and use same weapon. mo is the same. most have these robberies are happening in the northeast end of the city and tipping over into bucks county as well. 4:22. south jersey condo club manager in trouble with the law this morning after police say he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from his employer. we will have more on that coming up in just a moment here? all right. lets talk about twisted tacos, mack and cheese balls, how does that sound? pretty good, right. still ahead we will tell but upgrade coming to the wells fargo center in an effort to get more fans in the stand. but first lets get a check on sports in the minute with kristin rodgers. >> eagles/panters in a great nfc battle last night how bird held up against cam newtown and carolina next in sports.
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i'm kristin rodgers eagles /panthers bolt of two top nfc teams, last night, tied game in the third, carson wentz to zach ertz, favorite receiver, his second touchdown catch of the night eagles take 18-10 lead on the two-point conversion. minute left comes down to this fourth and one for cam newton, and no good. the eagles win and think move to five-one on the season. cowboys running back ezekiel elliott suspension is back on, two-one decision federal appeals court has lifted the injunction that blocked his six game suspension. nfl says it is effective immediately. the players association say they will review their options
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this story is far from over. joel embiid back at his stumping groundness kansas as sixers worked out for their game with the heat later today in kansas city. embiid got emotional talking about his time as a jay hawks as it propelled him to come to philadelphia, that key game later tonight at 8:30. that is sports in a minute. i'm kristin rodgers. >> welcome to fox there, good morning, everybody. 4:26. hello to wilmington, delaware waking up road are dry. lets go to rehoboth, do you want to go to the beach this weekend? there you go. little wet on the camera lens but don't worry, sue will straighten things out, she will have the forecast but first lets check your lottery tickets.
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how about the eagles they will go to five-one, and they have -- throw it down the field if you want to be aggressive. >> carson verse cam our qb lead bird to a w over panthers we are flying high this morning. >> love those wins. >> also ahead an escaped prisoner on the loose after ill lewd police at temple hospital. latest on the search. what do you think, tattoo crackdown why those tattoos on
4:30 am
police overs may soon land them in serious trouble. >> mixed reaction. great to have you here on this friday, 4:30 right on the dot, thomas drayton, karen hepp, bob kelly, sue serio. >> it is that to friday. >> yes, we will get some scary , spooky tattoos. >> do you want to get a tattoo after this. >> i will get thomas it will be crossed out. >> when you get home and your husband says who is thomas. >> yes. >> that is karen for you. >> all right. >> hopefully you'll have a lucky day if you consider sunshine lucky and we will not get too much. it is a seven out of 10 today. i changed that from last time because it will not rain as much. oh, no look what bus stop buddy has, it is a black cat. wow. thank you. it is, right, right. it is time for a just in case
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umbrella in case we get a stray umbrella, cloudy, cool, we have a celebration of the eagles win last night, flyers, home game first one of the season is tomorrow, so we're excited about that as well. wear a sweater or jacket this morning because it is on the cool side. we are seeing cloud around most of the area right now. it is 58 degrees with a 12 miles an hour breeze. feels cooler. sunrise time 7:10 this morning plan on cloudy skies for most of the day, we could see a peak of sunshine here and there. 67 degrees our seasonal high, temperature just right for this time in october. things will change over weekend, they will change again after the weekend, all that spelled out in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> 4:31. we are all in a good mood after eagles win, good way to get weekend started. tgif. this is i-95, northbound, right at the bridge street ramps here, construction crew is still have the cones down,
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again, overnight construction still with us like here on 422 with the gang in and out of king of prussia bright lights are on at route 23. you can see cones down. only one lane opened. they ave got big crane working. they are still working on the schuylkill expressway, westbound, all lanes closed at 30th but it is an easy off, go through two traffic lights and then right back on. so maybe another five extra minutes into your trip for the morning. here's a live look at the schuylkill in king of prussia only one lane opened eastbound between king of prussia in toward conshohocken. crews should be out there until about 5:30. this weekend we will see changes coming to the fishtown area new ramps to girard avenue will open up and traffic pattern shift on i-95 north bound between center city and girard avenue. mass transit looking good. no reported delays.
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on second and 10, to the end zone, it is pulled down for the touchdown and second of the night for ertz. >> the bird are flying high this morning. we all are have a a thrilling win against carolina panthers last night. our jenny joyce live from south philadelphia. if it wasn't 4:33 this morning you would be surrounded by fans. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. yes, it is friday, and we are celebrating a huge eagles win, what is not to love. some people came out here to the oregon diner to celebrate with a burger and fries, these people tell me they are excited about what is to come for the bird, but the win was big for the eagles. it was not an easy game. carolina has a strong defense and carson wentz said in post game interviews that the panthers pushed some plays that they were not prepared for and made things difficult for them on a short week but they pulled through in a big way. fans in south philadelphia say they have a good feeling
4:34 am
moving forward. >> there was four minutes left when we had the ball for a minute and 10 seconds and i thought cam newton was to go get the win and defense stepped up. >> we are hyped, we're happy. >> reporter: your smile is big this morning. >> yeh, good morning, good morning. >> reporter: it is a great morning for zach ertz. lets look at his tweet from a few hours ago. he tweeted that thursday night , road win, feeling, i have a feeling that it is going to be a great weekend for the bird, karen and thomas >> oh, yeah, absolutely, got sometime off right now. thanks, awesome news. 4:34. here's not so awesome news happening today, mold spreading through a lot of our areas and school districts, libraries and classes cancelled again at some of these schools. lets get tout steve keeley with the very latest on all
4:35 am
this, steve. >> reporter: just 24 hours ago i was reporting that the district said only traces, that is word they used in their news release, only trace s of mold were found at j b kelly school. guess what it turns out to a lot of peoples surprise, we say that facetiously it is way more than just traces. if the philly school district and teachers union were at odd over that contract for several years they are at extreme odd on this issue offer the mold situation. teachers saying they reported the mold to administrators quote long before the district finally acknowledged the mold problem this week and shut the school down which it hoped for just one day but they sent pictures to the union, we shot our own through window yesterday morning late in the show, and after the district said, in its first announcement it expected the mold to be cleaned out by wednesday night, they had to by noon time admit that was way off and their first release was backup by a second
4:36 am
release that said work crews had to continue working all day yesterday and all through weekend now at jb kelly students will stay off, all through weekend on this very unplanned extended mid-october break. >> i was told i would have to send him to john b kelly because this was our neighborhood school. i would home school before i go to jb kelly. >> it that is bad. >> that bad. >> i don't know of any other schools that have this issue. as far as we know thinks isolated at jb kelly. >> reporter: well, philadelphia parents who just heard that statement from lee back the district spokesperson and has kid in similar old philly public schools watching this story this week wonder if that statement will also end up being changed too because the district says it checks all of its schools for mold twice a year. would you think they check jb kelly twice and didn't find anything so they wonder if there is mold at other schools so no answer as to the teachers union claims or the reporting of the pulitzer
4:37 am
prize team from the daily news whose story on this is head lined despite district claim mold festered at germantown school for years. guys? >> certainly on the minds of parents this morning when you mention that years, steve keeley 4:37. hunt is underway in north philadelphia for an escaped prisoner. police say 46 year-old alexal var add owe escaped around 1:00 in the afternoon from tell hospital. he was arrested for stealing a car a day before he is described as 170-pound with brown hair, brown hair, wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans. if you recognize him you know what to do, call police. city council is cracking down on officers with racist tattoo new bill toss prevent public employees in the city from displaying racist symbols on the job after a officer was not discipline for having an arm tattoo that had look the emblem adopted by nazis. office hours already had those tattoos will be expected to
4:38 am
cover them with cosmetics or clothing. it is friday the 13th, it is also weekend, it is here, lot happening this weekend. you know what they say about friday 13th. >> tell me. >> don't walk under a ladder, don't walk backward do you have any superstitions you want to share. #fox 29 good day. >> do you want to see is what happening around town, what you can enjoy in your own neighborhood? we will take you around to the events happening in our city and the suburbs, sue serio and you will tell us what the weather will be like. >> we have a lot of fall festivals, harvest festivals, will the weather cooperate? certainly much less rain here then there was yesterday, but you still may need your umbrella, forecast coming up.
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welcome back, good morning , equifax says recent problem with their on line customer help page was not a sign's tack. >> they are blaming this right now on the third party vendor. >> they want to make sure that the public knows this had nothing to do with your personal information. company says there was a problem with the software code since learning about the issue vendors code was removed from the webb page, the page has been taken down to conduct a further analysis. your amazon echo just got smarter, alexa can recognize individual voices. the company says that will allow the device to personalize responses for everyone, in your family, which means it will thomas you are not a priority, you are in
4:42 am
the on the list. feature is available for calling, messages, shopping and play list. 4:42. i saw this yesterday and tweet ing all over place, cute alert we are talking about our phillies catcher cameron rupp. >> lets take a look here. all right. so this is the new addition to his family, he could not resist, he saw this dog at shelter and said i have to have it. >> we have to say rupp has a new pup. we will be right back.
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i have never heard the traffic and weather song i don't know how that happened. taking a look down there at boardwalk, ocean city i'm pretty sure. i have a wedding down the shore this weekend. >> it will be nice. >> did you wake up saying who goes to the shore this weekend , it will be absolutely cold. not so fast. check on weather in a moment. how are the road. >> the song goes traffic and weather and then we do traffic and weather. i can't believe you never heard that song. >> always a first. >> that is our theme song here in the traffic and weather department. put a little quarter in the juke box, good morning, everybody. 4:45. hello to the schuylkill expressway. just started stop and go traffic. this is close another westbound heading in to 30th street. crews working overnight. they still have cones down. go to the top of the ramp hit traffic light right back on, again, shut down until about 5:00. leaving the house leaving south philadelphia, waking up happy after an eagles victory
4:46 am
throw a few extra minutes, grab an extra jelly doughnut there they are still working on 422 with the blinking lights and they will be wrapping it up by five, rolling toward king of prussia , they have been working all night long here on the schuylkill eastbound between king of prussia and gulph mills interchange and i-95 in delco also a work crew northbound north and south between 476 and commodore barry bridge. get ready for some changes over weekend, we will start to see today into tomorrow, penndot says they will have this new pattern, set up north on i-95 as you roll through fishtown, excuse me roll through fishtown heading up in to girard avenue. new ramps will open up and new traffic pattern shuffle will happen sometime tomorrow morning. we will have nice weather for shuffle? sue has got tonight 15 seconds
4:47 am
here we are with a look at our surface map. it tells you what weather patterns are in play. this is a very weak off shore system but it has been called for a couple days and we don't really see it going anywhere. we have high pressure to the north bringing in a lot of cloud off the ocean and that is why we didn't see much sunshine yesterday and probably won't today and eventually a cold front north and west that will change our weather, again. so we have a change, but it stays unsettled, today and probably through a good portion of tomorrow. you can see as we look at radar there is a little bit of rain from that southern off shore storm and we may see more as we look into the future, we will see cloud cover and maybe more sunshine to the north of us but cloud, spread up and eventually some widely scattered showers spread around. you may see one may not today but good idea to have that rain gear with you, just in case, and, that will be the
4:48 am
situation not only for today but for tonight, and into tomorrow morning we will probably have some drizzle overnight, probably solve fog with all this moisture around so stray shower is possible, you can see, throughout the day the chance is there but not everybody will see one, and into sunday morning we will go, finally we will see those cloud clearing out sunday afternoon but waiting is that cold front sunday night into monday that will change our weather pattern again. it is all about the temperature and these ups and down. have sweaters for today, have flip-flops for sunday and sweaters gannon monday. it is only 44 degrees in the mountains. fifty-eight in philadelphia. sixty-three in wildwood. winds are at 12 miles an hour in philadelphia out of the northe which is why we're staying mostly cloudy. we will get to a high of 67. mostly cloudy skies. 69 degrees in wildwood. fifty-six mount pocono. can't rule out sunshine but 76 for saturday and then up to around 80 on sunday, much cooler, monday and tuesday,
4:49 am
back to 70's on wednesday and thursday. so, just, have your entire wardrobe ready to go, guys you will need little portions of it. >> you warned us, thanks, sue. another powerful hollywood executive facing allegation of sexual harassment this time it involves amazon chief roy price, the company saying that price is on leave of absence effective immediately. decision came hours after hollywood rporter published producer's claims that price propositioned her two years ago using crudely suggestive language. it follows several complaints of sexual harassment and assault launch gend harvey weinstein. indianapolis chargers school is now suspended five students after sexually explicit video, surfaced on snap chat. students were recorded allegedly having relationness a school bathroom and then passed around by snap chat say police. then school officials caught wind of all this after student came forward with the information they told police
4:50 am
they are trying to track down the on line trail. this is the carp idea em school, they are seizing date there to see if anybody else there was involved. lingerie bandit here this crash in st. louis, missouri began at vittoria secret store three women stole nearly $8,000 worth of merchandise, when officers tried to stop the car it hit a curve before blowing a tire, you can see right there the car eventually caught fire in, one was hurt here, police arrested all three women. >> my gosh, amazing. big news cowboys running back ezekiel running back his suspension over domestic violence allegations, it is back on, it has been in two- one decision federal appeals court lifted injunction that blocked his six game suspension. nfl said it goes right into effect. he will not be eligible to return to the cowboys active roster until week 13 against washington which means he is not back in the line up against eagles, on november
4:51 am
19th. former eagles player jon dorenbos sharing about his open heart surgery. >> we just love him. he spent 11 seasons here in philadelphia we have watched his journey. he took to instagram to share his recovery so far. it has been a month since his emergency surgery. he found out he needed operation after being traded to the saints team doctors found he had that aorta aneurysm during a routine exam , and this, you know, after that he said it saved his life. he sent awe heart out shout out to the u penn cardiac nurses and his wife who took a video of him in his fist shower. >> jon is enjoying his first shower. >> how does it feel. >> unbelievable. >> what a trooper. i don't know if i would put my shower as a first video. he has been put on the non- football injury list and released by the saints. he is now a free agent.
4:52 am
ed snider immortalized outside wells fargo center. he will be honored with a 9- foot prones statue unveiled on october 19th to mark 50th anniversary of the fly guys first home game in 1967. speaking of changes at wells fargo center making menu changes to get more fans to the stadium this fall. we are talking about twisted taco mack and cheese balls and fried rice station, just some new food options. the arena has upgraded with new led lied to go see the food and action just a little bit better. we have talked about this before the break, phillies catcher cameron rupp just got a pup,'s adopted this dog from the spca on wednesday. she was found abandoned and all tied up outside spca. much contacter did an event with the organization over the summer. they sent him the pictures. he could in the resist. he kept going back visiting her several times. he said i will take her home. >> so cute, i got,
4:53 am
congratulations to the new family. >> so hard to walk away from the cute little fury creatures 4:53. it ising down. philly verse dallas. >> no, beer battle. we will explain the brews, after the break. you remember that one. they came back with something else, they clapped right back.
4:54 am
as the host of access health, i've discovered move free ultra's clinically-proven ingredient gives you better mobility, flexibility and comfort than glucosamine chondroitin, in one tiny pill. also in new gummies.
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4:56 am
nicely done. >> yes. >> friday the 13th, you did that as a child. >> i still do, thomas. >> you have to do your room check. 4:56. great to have you with us, in sports, beer war, brewing between philly and dallas. >> so we started it, there was brewing company in easton that released its dallas sucks beer , and a brewery in dallas is creating a beer called you see it eagles tear. the two breweries are taking their war a step further they have waged a bet whom ever loses in 19th match up between our two teams has to wear the other teams gear, at work, the following week. well, get ready for them for wearing eagles green. rittenhouse square will be filled with thousands of arts and craft. it kicks off fall addition of the rittenhouse fine craft show, 140 artists will showcase their talents and creations with ceramics,
4:57 am
jewelry and paintings. it runs through sunday. so still to come here on good day lots more stories. lets bring you something fun. jenny, give us something good. >> reporter: good morning, guys just a hunch but i dent think friday 13th superstitions will have any effect on philadelphia eagles fans after last night's huge win, we are live from south philadelphia with reaction, coming up next.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
right now on good day. >> eagles will escape with the win. >> how about the eagles. >> we are flying this morning carson out duals cam for victory over panthers. demanding answers parents taking their concerns over mold problems in local schools , straight to the top. help wanted two retail giants are looking for you, target and amazon hoping to employ thousands in our area. ♪ >> guess what today is? it is, friday the 13th and not just a day to watch those spooky movies, but get tattoos we will explain. "good day philadelphia", starts right now right now. good morning to you thanks so much for joining us on this friday, it is friday the 13th but eagles won, we are heading in the weekend. >> all that matters.


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